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WPC PVC Window Door Frame Profile Wrapping Machine

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This PUR hot melt laminating wrapping machine is widely used to laminate the PVC film for WPC door frames, WPC door profiles, UPVC window profiles, PVC window profiles, WPC louvers panel, PVC louvers panel, MDF boards and so on
  • PUR300/400/600/1000/1300

  • EANS

  • 8465990000


PUR profile wrapping machine

PUR hot glue multifunctional coating machine is suitable for covering leather, PVC and veneer on the surface of decorative strips (wood-plastic lines), aluminum profiles and other materials. This machine is easy to operate, has fast laminating speed and does not blister. Perfect cladding processing can be achieved for various angles, arcs, concave and convex surfaces, grooved curling and other complex shapes. In addition, PUR glue has anti-aging, anti-UV and other properties, and is the first choice for indoor and outdoor product manufacturers.

PVC profile machine

Features of PUR profile wrapping machine

1. PUR hot melt adhesive is odorless. Europe has been using PUR hot melt adhesive many years ago. It is a green and environmentally friendly product.

2. By sanding the roller shapes, It is suitable for all kinds of irregular and large and small surfaces, making the surface of the product more beautiful, such as, PVC window profile, WPC door profile, WPC fluted panel, PVC corner profile, WPC profile and so on.

3. Our machine be equipped with automatic substrate feeding, brush roller dust removal system, preheating system, automatic film unwinding device and PUR hot melting system.

profile wrapping machine

4. The PUR hot melt system is faster for applying the glue, it is more environmentally friendly, and easy for operation and maintenance.

5. PUR hot melt adhesive has excellent resistance to heat, cold, water vapor, chemicals and solvents. Due to the irreversible nature of PUR glue once reacted (that is, it will not melt when heated again), the wire boards covered with it can remain stable at -40°C to 150°C, making the product quality more stable and more suitable for processing export products.

PVC fluted panel lamination

WPC panel lamination machine

Parameters of PUR wrapping lamination machine






Laminating width

300 mm

400 mm

600 mm

1300 mm

Working speed

0-30 m/min

0-30 m/min

0-30 m/min

0-20 m/min

Total power

11.5 KW


17 KW

65 KW

Product Category

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