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Wood Plastic Composite WPC Wall Cladding Embossing Machine

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WPC embossing machine is used to emboss the wood grain on wood plastic composite board, such as, WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC fence, WPC column and so on. Make the board with 3D patterns, more beautiful.
  • 400/600/1200

  • Eans Machine

  • 847720900


Wood Plastic Composite WPC Wall Cladding Embossing Machine

wpc embossing machine

The wood grain embossing machine is mainly suitable for embossing and embossing the surface of various flat sheets and solid wood boards in the fields of panel furniture, blinds, tabletops, door panels, wardrobes, cabinets, decorative materials, wooden floors and other fields. 

wood grain embossing machine

Our embossing machine has uniform embossing depth, digital display of embossing temperature, and the speed can be adjusted according to the material requirements. The texture depth can be adjusted, the speed is fast, and the texture effect is clear. The surface is pressed with simulated wood grain, which has a strong three-dimensional effect. The solid wood furniture produced is generous and has a strong visual effect. It is a new surface treatment method for the new generation of solid wood furniture.

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