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15 sets of PVC Wall Panel Extrusion Machine To India

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Last week, Eans team delivered 15 sets of PVC panel extrusion machine to India customer, The whole set of PVC wall panel production line includes 500/1000 hot and cold mixer, 800/2500 high speed hot and cold mixer unit, conical twin screw extruder, mold, 2 in 1 hot stamping and lamination machine, 600 PVC crusher, 600 PVC grinding machine and so on.

800/2500 High speed cold and hot mixer:

PVC mixer

500/1000 high speed hot and cold mixer:

PVC mixing machine

PVC Conical twin screw extruder machine:

pvc wall panel production line

pvc extruder machine

2 in 1 online/offline hot stamping and lamination machine:

PVC panel lamination machine

PVC Ceiling / Wall Panel is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as base material, adding anti-aging agent, modifier, etc. .  The panel made from Eans Machinery is light weight, easy installation, waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof, the surface of a variety of patterns, and with anti-pollution, flame retardant, sound insulation, heat insulation and other good performance. 

PVC panel installation is simple, it is also very convenient to update if one plate be broken. Just take off the press strip at one end, pull the plate out of the press strip one by one, replace the broken plate with a new one, and then re-install the press strip. After crushing and grinding, the waste plate can be sent out again for extrusion, That's why the PVC crusher machine and PVC grinding machine are necessary during production, By those two machines, the panel manufacturing cost is more lower, and the final product extrusion are more good.

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