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High Quality PVC WPC Louvers Panel Extrusion Machine From China

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PVC louver panel making machine line is compositd of PVC mixer, PVC louver panel extruder, online lamination machine(wrap design for imitation marble, wooden, etc.), PVC crusher, PVC grinder and so on.
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PVC WPC Louvers Panel Extrusion Machine From China



PVC louver panels are mainly suitable for walls and top surfaces in residential homes, hotels, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. By reducing reverberation within any space, PVC louver wall panel is the ideal choice for homes, offices, retail stores, and restaurants, ensuring both beauty and functionality.

wpc fluted wall panel


This PVC louver panel making machine adopts high speed ratio screw, it is used to manufacture PVC fluted panel, WPC louver panel, WPC door frame, PVC profile,  such as, 160 mm, 190 mm, 250 mm and so on.

- With a focus on durability, our PVC louver panel making machine creates cladding panels that can withstand the test of time. Built to endure various weather conditions, these panels are highly durable.


- The extrusion molding method is widely used due to its short processing cycle and high efficiency.

PVC fluted panel machine


Parameters of WPC Fluted Louver Panel Making Machine




Diameter of screw (mm)



Working speed (kg/h)



Main motor power

37 KW

37 KW

Materials for the production of PVC WPC louvers wall panel sheet

Item Materials Name
1 PVC resin
2 Cacium carbonate
3 Stabilizer
4 PE Wax
6 Stearic acid
7 Foaming regulator
8 Recycle PVC 

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