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How Is WPC Door Made

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What is WPC Door?

WPC door is manufactured through a molding process, it combines the excellent properties of wood and plastic, and the products produced achieve the effect of truly imitating wood. Since the raw materials used and the production process do not use glue, it will not produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichlorethylene, etc. It is a new green and environmentally friendly material that replaces traditional wood.

WPC door panel

What is WPC door made of?

Item Materials Name
1 PVC resin
2 wood powder
3 Cacium carbonate
4 Stabilizer
5 PE Wax
6 Stearic acid
7 Foaming regulator
8 Foaming agent
10 DOP

The main raw materials of WPC doors are PVC resin and high-quality wood powder. The PVC resin is a medical-grade domestic famous brand product. The wood powder is provided by a professional wood industry company. It has been graded, screened, ground, dried, and coated to ensure Finished product requirements for raw material quality. The WPC door formula system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, adding stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc., and the various ingredients are mixed in strict proportions to effectively ensure the product quality of the foam board.

WPC Door Production Process

1. Mixing materails

Put the PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, wood powder, and recycled PVC into the heating and cooling mixer according to the formula ratio, and the additives weighing machine automatically adds the additives, stir for about 30 minutes, and send the evenly mixed mixture to the conveyor belt and enter the internal mixer for heating and mixing.

High speed heating and cooling mixer:

PVC mixer machine

Automatic addtives weighing machine:

additives weighing machine

2. Extruding WPC boards

The mixed materail powders be transfered into conical twin screw extrusion machine, The temperature is about 170°C. Finally, the raw material is cooled and refined, will be produced into the door board/door frame. Because the production of WPC  foam doors has high requirements for foam extrusion equipment, a high-torque twin-screw extruder was used, and the screw, barrel and other components were modified to adapt to the skinning and surface damage of wood-plastic internal and external surfaces. Foams evenly to avoid wood powder carbonization and other phenomena.

PVC machine

WPC door production line

3. Sanding

sand the door panel surface and four sides, make it more smooth for lamination.

wpc door sanding machine

4. Surface treatment 

The surface treatment includes hot stamping, lamination or vacuum pressing(chose one from three)

Hot stamping technology takes the lead in using thermal transfer printing technology to transfer various decerative patterns on the extruded sheets, so that the products have a variety of high-grade tree species wood grains and colors.

wpc door lamination machine

WPC making machine

wpc door frame

5. Milling

use the panel saw to cut the door panel width and length, and dig the keyhole for installing. 

wpc door keyhole machine

6. Edge banding

seal the door edges by edge banding, make the door panel and the edge the same color.

wpc door edge banding machine

7. Quality Control

After the WPC door is manufactured, it goes through a quality control process to ensure that each board meets the required standards.

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