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PVC Panel Printing And Coating Line

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PVC panel printing and coating line is used to make high gloss or matt on the panel surface, such as, PVC wall panel, PVC ceiling sheet and so on.
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PVC Panel Printing And Coating Line

pvc wall panel coating line

PVC wall panel coating line is used to print two colors on the surface of PVC sheets /boards, such as PVC wall panels, PVC ceiling panels, PVC doors, PVC edge bands etc. By switching different colors of printing ink and different printing rollers, the surface of PVC sheets can get different colors and patterns.

The flow chart of double colors printing and UV coating line:

PVC sheets/boards → dust free cleaner → double colors patterns printing → drying → roller coating with varnish → IR leveling → UV drying → testing → packaging

Dust free cleaner (remove the dust, better printing and coating):

pvc panel coating line

Double colors printing (change the color ink, will get different color design):

pvc ceiling printing machine

Patterns printing rolller:

pvc ceiling printing machine

The PVC wall panels after printing:

pvc panel coating line

UV coating (after UV varnish coating, the panel surface will be like a mirror):

pvc panel printing machine

UV coating roller:

pvc panel coating machine

IR leveling:

uv coating line

UV dryer:

uv dryer

By Printing and UV coating line, The PVC sheets/boards has the characteristics of high gloss or low matte, fast curing speed, easy leveling, good hardness, excellent anti-yellowing performance, good transparency, excellent adhesion, energy saving, and high production efficiency.

The PVC Panel with Enhanced Surface Gloss is perfect for those who seek a professional and polished look for their interiors. Whether it's for a modern office, a stylish retail store, or a contemporary home, this product is sure to impress.

print PVC wall panel

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