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PVC Wall Panel Printing Machine Be Shipped To India

Views: 88     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-10      Origin: Site

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Last month, the PVC wall panel printing and coating machine was delivered to India customer. The PVC panel printing machine is used to print the patterns on the panel surface and coat the UV varnish for high gloss. The printed panel have gorgeous styles with low cost.


The printing roller with patterns.


PVC panel coating machine refers to the use of special coatings dedicated to UV curing by coating or printing a layer of colorless and transparent photo-curing coating on the surface of printed PVC ceiling panel or PVC wall panel. After leveling and photo-curing, a thin and uniform layer is formed on the surface of the board. The transparent and bright layer is then irradiated with UV to achieve drying and curing. It has the characteristics of rapid curing and low-temperature curing of coatings, and is widely used in plastic sheet gloss processing and surface beautification processing.

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