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Plastic Corner Beads Protector Making Machine

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plastic corner bead making machine is used to make plastic corner protector, plastic corner trims, plastic corner tapes, plastic corner guards, plastic corner strips, etc. By change the extrusion die, the PVC machine can make different width of PVC sheets.
  • SJ55/120, SJ65/132

  • Eans Machine

  • 847720900


Plastic Corner Beads Protector Making Machine

PVC corner profile machine


PVC corner beads has the advantages of high strength, good adhesion, and full combination with putty. It is easy to construct, reduces labor intensity, speeds up construction progress, and reduces project costs. It is straight and beautiful, and greatly enhances the impact resistance of the corner, protecting the corner from damage, and effectively avoiding the trouble of repeated repairs due to damage to the corner.

Features of PVC Corner Beads/Angle Bead Production Line:

- Fetching in Europe and America advanced technology and uniting with domestic condition, our company develop this production line.

- Easy and convenient for operation and maintain

- Economical price, suitable for large scale investment.

- This production line is used to manufacture PVC corner beads with different section shape and height.

Adopt conical twin screw extruder (which use 38CrMoAL material -- high-wearing, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance), The products produced have smooth and clean surfaces, small dimensional errors, can be nailed, corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant and many other advantages.

PVC corner beads extrusion die and calibration mold:


PVC angle bead machine

Online holes punching machine:


Special design haul off machine to match the PVC corner bead shapes:

PVC corner guard machine

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