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UV Varnish PVC Marble Wall Panel Board Printing Coating Machine

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UV marble wall panel coating machine is used to coating or printing a layer of colorless and transparent photo-curing coating on the surface of printed paper or objects. After leveling and photo-curing, a thin and uniform layer is formed on the surface of the board.
  • ES240, ES600, ES1000, ES1300

  • EANS

  • 847720900


Plastic PVC UV Imitation Marble Wall Panel Sheet Making Machine


PVC imitation marble wall panel is a kind of decorative product with realistic texture, pattern and texture of natural marble. It not only has the realistic decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tiles, but also abandons the various natural defects of natural marble. It is an important part of the decoration industry An epoch-making innovator and a representative work of modern top wall decoration, it is another new category of wall panels after porcelain tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles and microcrystalline stone tiles.



Crafted to meet the highest industry standards, our UV Marble Sheet Coating Machine is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional results. With its advanced formulation, this product effectively coats PVC imitation marble boards, transforming their surfaces into a visually appealing, reflective masterpiece.

Experience the difference as our UUV Marble Sheet Coating Machine effortlessly creates a glossy sheen, elevating the overall aesthetics of your PVC imitation marble boards. The high-gloss finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Parameters of PVC Marble Wall Panel Making Machine



Workiing width


Working speed

1 - 20 meters per min

Main motor power

55 KW

Product Category

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