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WPC Decking Extruder Production Line With Online Embossing Machine

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WPC decking production line is used to make wood plastic composite decking, WPC wall cladding and so on. The manufactured WPC board has the advantage of sun protection, moisture proof, durable
  • SJ65/132, SJ80/156

  • EANS

  • 847720900


WPC Decking Extruder Production Line With Online Embossing


Wood-plastic composite materials refer to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, etc., instead of ordinary resin adhesives, mixed with more than 50% of wood powder, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fibers to form new wood materials, and then extruded Press, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing techniques to produce plates or profiles

PE WPC profile machine

Features of  WPC Decking Production Line:

- WPC profile making machine is used to manufacture all kinds of WPC profile, such as, decking, fence, wall cladding, column, and so on.

- Use specially designed screw barrel, mold and extruder processing and production technology to produce wood plastic composite boards. and it is easy and convenient for operation and maintain

- The preheating feeder is placed on the top of the extruder to extract most of the remaining moisture in the wood flour first, making the feeding section of the extruder more substantial; it has the characteristics of good plasticizing and mixing effect. The optimized screw design makes the shear smaller, making it difficult to cut wood fibers and allowing the material to stay evenly in the machine.

- The screw and barrel adopts bimetal treatment, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and its service life is greatly extended.

- This machine is used to manufacture WPC board with different section shape and height.

- The surface of composite WPC board can be treated by wood grain embossing machine and sanding brushing machine, which can make wooden design on surface of WPC boards.


-The PE/PVC wood board production line is a composite profile production technology successfully developed by our company. By adding plant fiber powder board, the thickness is adjustable

- Be equipped with ABB inverter, Siemens Motor and Schneider electrics, lower staring power, reduce voltage fluctuation and easy to adjust speed

- Adopt conical twin screw extruder, The heat generated by friction is less, the material is sheared more evenly, the screw has a larger conveying capacity, the extrusion volume is relatively stable, the material stays in the barrel for a long time, and the mixture is even. The conical twin-screw extruder has good mixing and plasticizing capabilities and is more suitable for the modification of plastics. And the twin-screw extruder can produce two-color.



Parameters of Wood plastic composite WPC decking making machine

Model SJ65
Diameter of screw (mm) 65/132
Working speed (kg/h) 150 - 250 
Main motor power 37 KW

Materials for the production of wood plastic composite decking machine

Item Materials Name
1 Wood powder
2 PE granule
3 Compatilizer
4 Compound lubricant agent
5 Calcium carbonate
6 Compound antioxidant
7 Anti-uv absorbent

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