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Plastic PVC Window Shutters Making Machine

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PVC plantation window shutters making machine is composited of PVC materials mixer, single screw extruder machine, co extrusion machine, vacuum cooling table (water cooling type), hauling off, dust free cutting machine and stacker.
  • SJ75/25

  • EANS

  • 847720900


Plastic PVC Window Shutters Making Machine

pvc plantation shutter making machine

PVC Plantation Shutters are made from PVC extrusion, which has the look and feel of a traditional wood plantation shutter but with greater durability, making them perfect for handling all kinds of Aussie climates.

Fitted with an aluminium core, The PVC plantation shutters are resistant to moisture and feature 89mm depth louvres that protect them from bowing while looking like a true premium product.

pvc plantation shutters

Features of PVC Plantation Window Shutters Making Machine

One of the standout features of our PVC Plantation Blind Production Line is the inclusion of air vents. These vents allow for proper air circulation, ensuring a comfortable and well-ventilated environment. The presence of these air vents enhances the overall functionality of the blinds, making them an ideal choice for any space.

With a professional tone of voice, we assure you that our PVC Plantation Blind Production Line will deliver exceptional results. Invest in this production line today and witness the production of high-quality, sun-resistant, and long-lasting venetian blinds that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space.

PVC Window Shutters Extruder Machine

single screw extruder machine

- Automatic screw type feeding system, raw materials do not bridge, feeding stability

- Adopts horizontal gearbox and distribution box, build in cooling oil, easy to install and maintain.

- Be equipped with ABB inverter, Siemens Motor and Schneider electrics, lower staring power, reduce voltage fluctuation and easy to adjust speed

- Adopt single screw extruder (which use 38CrMoAL material -- high-wearing, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance), High-speed, high-output extrusion based on high quality

- The main function of the extrusion system is to melt and plasticize the polymer material to form a uniform melt and realize the transformation from the glassy state to the viscous flow state. And in this process, a certain pressure is established, which is continuously extruded by the screw and transported to the die of the machine head.


Vacuum calibration tank (water cooling type)

- The water collecting tank and storage tank are welded with a whole piece of stainless steel, which is not leaking for long-term use

- Be equipped with vacuum pump, recycling water, save water cost.

WPC panel machine

2 in 1 Hauling off and dust free cutting machine

- According to customers needed length, cutting the composite board

- Be equipped with PLC controller, it can set 7 sets of data, so the cutting length is adjustable freely

Haul off

The PVC window shutter samples be made from Eans Machinery

PVC plantation shutters

Parameters of PVC plantation window shutter making machine

Model SJ75 SJ90
Diameter of screw (mm) 75/28 90/28
Working speed (kg/h) 70-100 100-120
Main motor power 22 KW 37 KW

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