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High Speed PVC Wall Panel Extrusion Machine Line

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PVC panel production line is used to make the PVC panel with low weight. The surface of PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel can be treated by hot stamping printing or lamination machine, which can make marble, wooden design on surface of PVC ceiling or PVC wall panel.
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  • EANS

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PVC wall panel are made of PVC resin, calcium carbonate and plastic additives. The panels are light weight, easy to install, waterproof and moth-proof. The surface colors and patterns are also very varied by hot stamping or lamination. They are also resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and have good sound and heat insulation properties, especially in new processes. Adding flame-retardant materials allows it to extinguish fire immediately, making it safer to use. PVC wall panel are highly resistant to water and scrubbing.


Features of PVC Wall Panel Production Line

- Fetching in Europe and America advanced technology and uniting with domestic condition, Eans Group develop this production line.
- Economical price, suitable for large scale investment.

- Adopt twin screw extruder (which use 38CrMoAL material -- high-wearing, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance), The profile machine has the advantages of uniform thawing of materials, fast shear rate, high output and long service life. The complex flow spectrum of materials in twin-screw extruders shows macroscopic advantages that single-screw extruders cannot match, such as sufficient mixing, good heat transfer, large melting capacity, strong exhaust capacity and good temperature control of materials, etc.

- By changing the mold, This machine is used to manufacture PVC wall panel with different section shape and height, such as, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm and so on.

- The PVC panel surface be treated by hot stamping, double colors printing and UV coating machine, or lamination machine,  which can make imitation marble design, fabric design, wooden design on surface of PVC ceiling or PVC wall panel.


- Automatic screw type feeding system, raw materials do not bridge, feeding stability

- Adopts horizontal gearbox and distribution box, build in cooling oil, easy to install and maintain.

- Be equipped with ABB inverter, Siemens Motor and Schneider electrics, lower staring power, reduce voltage fluctuation and easy to adjust speed



Parameters of PVC Wall Panel Extruder Machine






Diameter of screw 





Working speed (kg/h)





Main motor power

15 KW

22 KW

22 KW

37 KW

Product Category

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